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, 14 (6), 280-283

Bone Response of Loaded Periodontal Ligament


Bone Response of Loaded Periodontal Ligament

Eliane Hermes Dutra et al. Curr Osteoporos Rep.


The tooth-periodontal ligament-alveolar bone complex acts symbiotically to dissipate the mechanical loads incurred during mastication and/or orthodontic tooth movement. The periodontal ligament functions both in the tension and compression. At the molecular and celleular levels, the loads in the periodontal ligament trigger mechanobiological events in the alveolar bone, which leads to bone modeling and remodeling. The current review focuses on the bone response to mechanical loading of the periodontal ligament on the tension and pressure sides. Understanding the bone response has major implications for dentistry, including a better understanding of the different types of orthodontic tooth movement.

Keywords: Alveolar bone; Mechanotransduction; Orthodontic tooth movement; Periodontal ligament.

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