Empirical Likelihood-Based ANOVA for Trimmed Means

Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2016 Sep 27;13(10):953. doi: 10.3390/ijerph13100953.


In this paper, we introduce an alternative to Yuen's test for the comparison of several population trimmed means. This nonparametric ANOVA type test is based on the empirical likelihood (EL) approach and extends the results for one population trimmed mean from Qin and Tsao (2002). The results of our simulation study indicate that for skewed distributions, with and without variance heterogeneity, Yuen's test performs better than the new EL ANOVA test for trimmed means with respect to control over the probability of a type I error. This finding is in contrast with our simulation results for the comparison of means, where the EL ANOVA test for means performs better than Welch's heteroscedastic F test. The analysis of a real data example illustrates the use of Yuen's test and the new EL ANOVA test for trimmed means for different trimming levels. Based on the results of our study, we recommend the use of Yuen's test for situations involving the comparison of population trimmed means between groups of interest.

Keywords: ANOVA; empirical likelihood; hypothesis testing; robust statistics; trimmed means.