Shared decision-making on a 'life-and-care plan' in long-term care facilities: research protocol

Nurs Open. 2016 Mar 6;3(3):179-187. doi: 10.1002/nop2.42. eCollection 2016 Jul.


Aim: To determine whether the number of residents' preferences and needs together with the actions taken to satisfy them recorded into their 'life-and-care plans' will increase and the process of shared decision-making will improve the residents' psychosocial well-being.

Background: Shared decision-making is defined as a process where healthcare professionals and patients make decisions together, using the best available evidence. The aims of the present study were to assess the feasibility and acceptability of an SDM framework for care planning in long-term care facilities and its potential effectiveness on the proportion of dementia residents whose own preferences and needs and the related actions, are known, satisfied and documented in their 'life-and-care plans'.

Design: The current project is a feasibility trial and it was approved in November 2013.

Methods: Research subjects are triads composed of the resident with dementia, a family caregiver and the professional usually taking care for the resident. Professional caregivers of two nursing homes, one located in Italy and one in the Netherlands, will receive a specific training in SDM principles and will guide the SDM interview in the triad. The primary outcome will be the proportion of residents whose preferences and needs, together with the related actions to meet them, are known, documented and satisfied in their 'life-and-care plans'.

Trial registration: NCT02118701.

Keywords: Care plans; dementia; long‐term care; nursing; nursing homes; shared decision‐making.

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