Altered Auditory Input and Language Webs to Improve Language Processing Skills

Lang Speech Hear Serv Sch. 1999 Jul 1;30(3):302-310. doi: 10.1044/0161-1461.3003.302.


A method of altering auditory input and a structured set of listening tasks are described. The parameters of rate, prosody, and pattern of pausing are modified in the Altered Auditory Input (AAI) technique to make language input easier for the child with language delays to process. This technique is used during play activities, reading to the child, language activities, faceto-face conversation, and structured listening tasks called Language Webs. The Language Webs are a set of highly redundant, hierarchical picture identification listening tasks. The goal of these approaches is to improve language processing in children with language difficulties so that they can both access their current language knowledge and learn new language.