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, 84, 1036-1041

Plant-derived Cardiac Glycosides: Role in Heart Ailments and Cancer Management


Plant-derived Cardiac Glycosides: Role in Heart Ailments and Cancer Management

Seema Patel. Biomed Pharmacother.


Cardiac glycosides, the cardiotonic steroids such as digitalis have been in use as heart ailment remedy since ages. They manipulate the renin-angiotensin axis to improve cardiac output. However; their safety and efficacy have come under scrutiny in recent times, as poisoning and accidental mortalities have been observed. In order to better understand and exploit them as cardiac ionotropes, studies are being pursued using different cardiac glycosides such as digitoxin, digoxin, ouabain, oleandrin etc. Several cardiac glycosides as peruvoside have shown promise in cancer control, especially ovary cancer and leukemia. Functional variability of these glycosides has revealed that not all cardiac glycosides are alike. Apart from their specific affinity to sodium-potassium ATPase, their therapeutic dosage and behavior in poly-morbidity conditions needs to be considered. This review presents a concise account of the key findings in recent years with adequate elaboration of the mechanisms. This compilation is expected to contribute towards management of cardiac, cancer, even viral ailments.

Keywords: Anticancer; Cardiac glycosides; Cardiovascular effect; Efficacy; Na-K-ATPase; Safety.

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