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Case Reports
, 6 (4), e38507

The Use of a Stylet to Aid the Lifting of the Epiglottis With a Video Laryngoscope

Case Reports

The Use of a Stylet to Aid the Lifting of the Epiglottis With a Video Laryngoscope

Wasa Ueda et al. Anesth Pain Med.


This study involved 154 anesthetized patients requiring endotracheal intubation, in whom the epiglottis was visible but not lifted, which restricted the view of the glottis. A simple stylet was used to lift the epiglottis, thus improving the view of the glottis with the Glide Scope®, allowing tracheal tubes to be inserted into the patients. The stylet easily resolved the difficulty of lifting the epiglottis when using a video laryngoscope, thus facilitating endotracheal intubation in patients undergoing general anesthesia.

Keywords: Lifting, Epiglottis; Stylet; Video Laryngoscope.


Figure 1.
Figure 1.. Visualized View of the Larynx Using the A, Glide Scope®; B, a Stylet
E, epiglottis; S, stylet; B, the blade of the Glide Scope®; G, glottis.

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