Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections With Needle Tenotomy for Gluteus Medius Tendinopathy: A Registry Study With Prospective Follow-up

Orthop J Sports Med. 2016 Nov 9;4(11):2325967116671692. doi: 10.1177/2325967116671692. eCollection 2016 Nov.


Background: Gluteal tendinopathy is a prevalent condition that can be associated with significant pain and disability. To date, no studies have prospectively assessed the efficacy of intratendinous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections as a minimally invasive treatment for gluteus medius tendinopathy.

Purpose: To prospectively assess the efficacy of intratendinous PRP injections as treatment for chronic recalcitrant gluteus medius tendinopathy.

Study design: Case series; Level of evidence, 4.

Methods: During the study period between July 2011 and November 2015, data were collected from the Hospital for Special Surgery Center for Hip Preservation Outcomes Registry on participants who underwent ultrasound-guided intratendinous PRP injections for recalcitrant gluteus medius tendinosis and/or partial tears of the tendon associated with moderate to severe lateral hip pain for longer than 3 months. All participants were assessed pre- and postinjection with 4 outcome measures: modified Harris Hip Score (mHHS), Hip Outcome Score-Activities of Daily Living subscale (HOS-ADL), Hip Outcome Score-Sport-Specific subscale (HOS-Sport), and the International Hip Outcome Tool-33 (iHOT-33). Demographic data, including age, sex, height, weight, body mass index, and smoking status, were also collected.

Results: A total of 21 patients were included in the study, with a mean follow-up of 19.7 months (range, 12.1-32.3 months). The mean improvements from preinjection to postinjection follow-up were 56.73 to 74.17 for mHHS, 68.93 to 84.14 for HOS-ADL, 45.54 to 66.72 for HOS-Sport, and 34.06 to 66.33 for iHOT-33. All mean outcome measure improvements were clinically and statistically significant (P < .001). Length of follow-up was positively correlated with improvements in HOS-ADL (P = .021) and HOS-Sport (P = .004) scores. No adverse events were observed during or after the procedure.

Conclusion: In this registry study with prospective follow-up, we found ultrasound-guided intratendinous PRP injections to be a safe and effective treatment option for chronic recalcitrant gluteus medius tendinopathy due to moderate to severe tendinosis and/or partial tendon tears. Well-powered randomized controlled studies are warranted to confirm our findings and further define the ideal candidates for this treatment.

Keywords: gluteus medius tendon; platelet-rich plasma; tendinopathy; tenotomy.