Evanescent field Sensors Based on Tantalum Pentoxide Waveguides - A Review

Sensors (Basel). 2008 Jan 6;8(2):711-738. doi: 10.3390/s8020711.


Evanescent field sensors based on waveguide surfaces play an important rolewhere high sensitivity is required. Particularly tantalum pentoxide (Ta₂O₅) is a suitablematerial for thin-film waveguides due to its high refractive index and low attenuation.Many label-free biosensor systems such as grating couplers and interferometric sensors aswell as fluorescence-based systems benefit from this waveguide material leading toextremely high sensitivity. Some biosensor systems based on Ta₂O₅ waveguides alreadytook the step into commercialization. This report reviews the various detection systems interms of limit of detection, the applications, and the suitable surface chemistry.

Keywords: Ta2O5.; biosensors; evanescent field; label-free detection.

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  • Review