Occurrence of pesticide residues in fruiting vegetables from production farms in south-eastern region of Poland

Rocz Panstw Zakl Hig. 2016;67(4):359-365.


Background: Considering the fact that pesticides are commonly used in agriculture, continuous monitoring of these substances in food products is of great significance. Residues of these substances can be present in crops after harvest.

Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate presence of pesticide residues in fruiting vegetables from production farms in south-eastern region of Poland in 2012–2015.

Material and methods: 138 samples were tested using accredited test methods. The monitoring programme covered determination of 242 pesticides. The tests covered tomato, cucumber and pepper crops. The test results were interpreted in accordance with criteria included in the European Commission recommendations published in the document SANCO/12571/2013 (now superseded by Document SANTE 2015), as well as on a basis of the maximum residue levels in force in the EU Member States.

Results: Pesticide residues were found in 47 samples, representing 34% of all tested samples. 17 active substances were found, belonging to fungicides and insecticides. Azoxystrobin (38%), boscalid (28%) and chlorothalonil (21%) were most commonly found in fruiting vegetables testing samples. Non-compliances related to use of plant protection product not authorized for protection of a given crop were observed in 6% of analysed samples. However, pesticide residues of fruiting vegetables in quantities that exceed the maximum residue levels (NDP, ang. MRLs), as well as substances which use for plant protection is forbidden were no found.

Conclusions: Crops monitoring is used to determine to what extent such products are contaminated with pesticide residues, and ensures protection of customer health.

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