Serotonin Syndrome With Fluoxetine: Two Case Reports

Ochsner J. 2016 Winter;16(4):554-557.


Background: Serotonin syndrome is a rare but serious complication of treatment with serotonergic agents. In its severe manifestations, death can ensue. Early recognition and aggressive management are crucial to mitigating the syndrome. Often the presentation can be subtle and easy to miss.

Case reports: We present 2 cases of serotonin syndrome seen in the psychiatric consultation service of a busy academic hospital. Both patients had favorable outcomes because of early recognition and aggressive management.

Conclusion: Physicians should carefully consider and rule out the clinical diagnosis of serotonin syndrome when presented with an agitated or confused patient who is taking serotonergic agents.

Keywords: Antidepressive agents–tricyclic; fluoxetine; monoamine oxidase inhibitors; serotonin; serotonin syndrome; serotonin uptake inhibitors.

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  • Case Reports