What Music Means To Me

Mens Sana Monogr. Jan-Dec 2016;14(1):229-239. doi: 10.4103/0973-1229.193070.


The author talks about two defining influences in his musical career: his father, whom he addressed as 'Pitaji' and his guru, Shri Vinayak Kunte, fondly known as Kunte-guruji to his students. Pitaji taught him, by example and precept, what emotive singing meant and the nuances of poetry appreciation and Urdu pronunciation (talaffuz). Kunte-guruji acquainted him with the richness and profundity of Hindustani Classical Music and the perfection of musical notes or "sur". He also showed, by example, the need to lead a simple, uncomplicated lifestyle to experience the divinity inherent in music. Finally, the author also learned from Kunte-guruji the need to pass on one's learning to others and go out of one's way to do so.

Keywords: Father's influence; Guruji's influence; Hindustani classical music; Kunte-guruji; Longfellow; Pitaji; Poetic license; Poetry appreciation; Shailendra; Shakeel Badayuni; Shelley; Sur perfection; Talaffuz; Urdu diction.