Long noncoding RNA MALAT1-regulated microRNA 506 modulates ovarian cancer growth by targeting iASPP

Onco Targets Ther. 2016 Dec 19:10:35-46. doi: 10.2147/OTT.S112686. eCollection 2017.


MALAT1, an important cancer-associated long noncoding RNA (lncRNA), contributes to the development and progression of several cancers. Disordered expression of MALAT1 has been observed in several cancers, including cervical cancer, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer. However, the exact effects and molecular mechanisms of MALAT1 in ovarian cancer progression are still unknown. Here, we investigated the role of MALAT1 in human ovarian cancer cell lines and clinical tumor samples, in order to determine the function of this molecule. In our research, lncRNA-MALAT1 was specifically upregulated in ovarian cancer cell lines and promoted ovarian cancer-cell growth through targeting microRNA (miR)-506. Knockdown of MALAT1 inhibited the proliferation and DNA synthesis of human ovarian cancer cell in vitro. In addition, miR-506-dependent iASPP regulation was required in MALAT1-induced ovarian cancer-cell growth. These findings indicated that MALAT1 might suppress tumor growth via miR-506-dependent iASPP regulation. Taken together, our data indicated that MALAT1 might be an oncogenic lncRNA that promotes proliferation of ovarian cancer and could be regarded as a therapeutic target in human ovarian cancer.

Keywords: MALAT1; iASPP; lncRNA; miR-506; ovarian cancer.