Influence of Adolescents' Physical Activity on Bone Mineral Acquisition: A Systematic Review Article

Iran J Public Health. 2016 Dec;45(12):1545-1557.


Background: This study conducted to examine and to provide a systematic literature over the influence of adolescents' physical activity (PA) in maximizing`s peak bone mass (PBM). PBM or the 'bone bank' is an important determinant in achieving healthy bone. PA is one of the bone's lifestyle contributors and high PBM is one of the major strategies for preventing osteoporosis.

Methods: A computerized literature search using Medline (Ovid) and Scopus were conducted to identify relevant observational studies on the influence of different level of PA on bone acquisition among the healthy adolescent population. All articles included, were limited to original articles and English language.

Results: Nine studies met the inclusion criteria. Reported bone outcomes were of bone mass, bone structure and bone strength. Eight studies showed positive association between adolescents' PA and high bone variables. The influence of PA may differ according to sex, skeletal sites and bone outcomes.

Conclusion: This study supported the importance of increase adolescents' regular PA in optimizing PBM thus preventing osteoporosis at later life.

Keywords: Adolescence; Bone health; Exercise; Osteoporosis; Peak bone mass.

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  • Review