Type I cell-like morphology in tight alveolar epithelial monolayers

Exp Cell Res. 1989 Oct;184(2):375-87. doi: 10.1016/0014-4827(89)90337-6.


The pulmonary alveolar epithelium separates air spaces from a fluid-filled interstitium and might be expected to exhibit high resistance to fluid and solute movement. Previous studies of alveolar epithelial barrier properties have been limited due to the complex anatomy of adult mammalian lung. In this study, we characterized a model of isolated alveolar epithelium with respect to barrier transport properties and cell morphology. Alveolar epithelial cells were isolated from rat lungs and grown as monolayers on tissue culture-treated Nuclepore filters. On Days 2-6 in primary culture, monolayers were analyzed for transepithelial resistance (Rt) and processed for electron microscopy. Mean cell surface area and arithmetic mean thickness (AMT) were determined using morphometric techniques. By Day 5, alveolar epithelial cells in vitro exhibited morphologic characteristics of type I alveolar pneumocytes, with thin cytoplasmic extensions and protruding nuclei. Morphometric data demonstrated that alveolar pneumocytes in vitro develop increased surface area and decreased cytoplasmic AMT similar to young type I cells in vivo. Concurrent with the appearance of type I cell-like morphology, monolayers exhibited high Rt (greater than 1000 omega.cm2), consistent with the development of tight barrier properties. These monolayers of isolated alveolar epithelial cells may reflect the physiological and morphological properties of the alveolar epithelium in vivo.

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