Effect of Grey Hair Evulsion on the Response to Calcium Pantothenate in Premature Grey Hairs

Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol. 1986 Mar-Apr;52(2):77-80.


Thirty nine girls between 12 and 31 years in age, having Premature grey hairs were, treated with calcium pantothenate 200 mg, Basiton Forte. (a vitamin B complex formulation), and/or vitamin E 200 mg a day orally, combined with grey hair evulsion which consists of pulling out all the grey hairs along with snipping the converted hairs at the grey black junction, and checking after 3-5 months, the numbers of hairs regrowing as grey hairs, new grey hairs, new converted hairs and the hairs missed during the previous check - ups. This study revealed that following evulsion of grey hairs, all such hairs do not regrow as grey hairs, the per cent rate of regrowth varied between nil and 88.23% during the first recheck, and almost similar results were obtained during further follow up. Out of 7 patients who have been followed up for almost 3 years, the total numbers of grey hairs had decreased from 109 to 15, 47 to 1, 35 to 7, and 242 to 7 in 4 cases, increased from 31 to 108 and 23 to 41 in 2 cases, and remained almost unchanged from 25 to 33 in the seventh case. This response is considered better than the effect of calcium panthothenate used without grey hair evulsion.