Proceedings of the 15th Annual UT-KBRIN Bioinformatics Summit 2016 : Cadiz, KY, USA. 8-10 April 2016

BMC Bioinformatics. 2016 Aug 19;17(Suppl 10):297. doi: 10.1186/s12859-016-1154-y.


I1 Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual UT- KBRIN Bioinformatics Summit 2016

Eric C. Rouchka, Julia H. Chariker, Benjamin J. Harrison, Juw Won Park

P1 CC-PROMISE: Projection onto the Most Interesting Statistical Evidence (PROMISE) with Canonical Correlation to integrate gene expression and methylation data with multiple pharmacologic and clinical endpoints

Xueyuan Cao, Stanley Pounds, Susana Raimondi, James Downing, Raul Ribeiro, Jeffery Rubnitz, Jatinder Lamba

P2 Integration of microRNA-mRNA interaction networks with gene expression data to increase experimental power

Bernie J Daigle, Jr.

P3 Designing and writing software for in silico subtractive hybridization of large eukaryotic genomes

Deborah Burgess, Stephanie Gehrlich, John C Carmen

P4 Tracking the molecular evolution of Pax gene

Nicholas Johnson; Chandrakanth Emani

P5 Identifying genetic differences in thermally dimorphic and state specific fungi using in silico genomic comparison

Stephanie Gehrlich, Deborah Burgess, John C Carmen

P6 Identification of conserved genomic regions and variation therein amongst Cetartiodactyla species using next generation sequencing

Kalpani De Silva, Michael P Heaton, Theodore S Kalbfleisch

P7 Mining physiological data to identify patients with similar medical events and phenotypes

Teeradache Viangteeravat, Rahul Mudunuri, Oluwaseun Ajayi, Fatih Şen, Eunice Y Huang

P8 Smart brief for home health monitoring

Mohammad Mohebbi, Luaire Florian, Douglas J Jackson, John F Naber

P9 Side-effect term matching for computational adverse drug reaction predictions

AKM Sabbir, Sally R Ellingson

P10 Enrichment vs robustness: A comparison of transcriptomic data clustering metrics

Yuping Lu, Charles A Phillips, Michael A Langston

P11 Deep neural networks for transcriptome-based cancer classification

Rahul K Sevakula, Raghuveer Thirukovalluru, Nishchal K. Verma, Yan Cui

P12 Motif discovery using K-means clustering

Mohammed Sayed, Juw Won Park

P13 Large scale discovery of active enhancers from nascent RNA sequencing

Jing Wang, Qi Liu, Yu Shyr

P14 Computationally characterizing genomic pipelines and benchmarking results using GATK best practices on the high performance computing cluster at the University of Kentucky

Xiaofei Zhang, Sally R Ellingson

P15 Development of approaches enabling the identification of abnormal gene expression from RNA-Seq in personalized oncology

Naresh Prodduturi, Gavin R Oliver, Diane Grill, Jie Na, Jeanette Eckel-Passow, Eric W Klee

P16 Processing RNA-Seq data of plants infected with coffee ringspot virus

Michael M Goodin, Mark Farman, Harrison Inocencio, Chanyong Jang, Jerzy W Jaromczyk, Neil Moore, Kelly Sovacool

P17 Comparative transcriptomics of three Acinetobacter baumanii clinical isolates with different antibiotic resistance patterns

Leon Dent, Mike Izban, Sammed Mandape, Shruti Sakhare, Siddharth Pratap, Dana Marshall

P18 Metagenomic assessment of possible microbial contamination in the equine reference genome assembly

M Scotty DePriest, James N MacLeod, Theodore S Kalbfleisch

P19 Molecular evolution of cancer driver genes

Chandrakanth Emani, Hanady Adam, Ethan Blandford, Joel Campbell, Joshua Castlen, Brittany Dixon, Ginger Gilbert, Aaron Hall, Philip Kreisle, Jessica Lasher, Bethany Oakes, Allison Speer, Maximilian Valentine

P20 Biorepository Laboratory Information Management System

Naga Satya V Rao Nagisetty, Rony Jose, Teeradache Viangteeravat, Robert Rooney, David Hains