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. 2017 Feb 19;22(2):321.
doi: 10.3390/molecules22020321.

Neoflavonoids as Inhibitors of HIV-1 Replication by Targeting the Tat and NF-κB Pathways

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Neoflavonoids as Inhibitors of HIV-1 Replication by Targeting the Tat and NF-κB Pathways

Dionisio A Olmedo et al. Molecules. .
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Twenty-eight neoflavonoids have been prepared and evaluated in vitro against HIV-1. Antiviral activity was assessed on MT-2 cells infected with viral clones carrying the luciferase reporter gene. Inhibition of HIV transcription and Tat function were tested on cells stably transfected with the HIV-LTR and Tat protein. Seven 4-phenylchromen-2-one derivatives showed HIV transcriptional inhibitory activity but only the phenylchrome-2-one 10 inhibited NF-κB and displayed anti-Tat activity simultaneously. Compounds 10, 14, and 25, inhibited HIV replication in both targets at concentrations <25 μM. The assays of these synthetic 4-phenylchromen-2-ones may aid in the investigation of some aspects of the anti-HIV activity of such compounds and could serve as a scaffold for designing better anti-HIV compounds, which may lead to a potential anti-HIV therapeutic drug.

Keywords: 4-phenyl-chromen-one; AIDS; NF-κB inhibition; Tat protein; anti-HIV activity; neoflavonoids.

Conflict of interest statement

The authors declare no conflict of interest.


Scheme 1
Scheme 1
Preparation of 4-phenylcoumarins 17.
Scheme 2
Scheme 2
Preparation of neoflavones 821.
Scheme 3
Scheme 3
Preparation of neoflavones 2228.

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