Death Due to Myocardial Bridging

Maedica (Bucur). 2015 Jun;10(2):143-146.


Myocardial bridging is a congenital coronary pathology described as a segment of coronary artery which courses through the myocardial wall beneath the muscle bridge. Although the myocardial bridging prognosis is benign, have been also reported sudden death in medical literature. ¬A 30-year-old married woman was found dead at her home. After local prosecutors' investigation the death was declared as suspicious and forensic autopsy was obliged. The left anterior descending coronary artery was detected embedded deeply in the myocardium 2 cm from its coronary ostial origin. There were no other pathology to explain death. We analyzed sudden death case occurred because of myocardial bridging and the pathophysiological mechanisms in the light of medico-legal literature.