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, 204 (1), 20-29

Mesoderm Differentiation in Explants of Carp Embryos


Mesoderm Differentiation in Explants of Carp Embryos

Valentina Bozhkova et al. Roux Arch Dev Biol.


An analysis of carp blastoderm development was carried out in culture after isolation from the yolk cell and its yolk syncytial layer (YSL). The blastoderms were separated from the YSL at four different stages of embryogenesis: the blastula, early epiboly, early gastrula and late gastrula stages. Absence of the YSL in explants was checked by scanning electron microscopy. From observations of living embryos and histological examination of tissues which were formed in explants from all stages studied it was observed that they contained notochordal, muscle and neural tissue as signs of dorsal types of differentiation. Only in explants from the early and late gastrula stages were histotypical tissues organized in an embryonic-like body pattern. The data indicate that mesoderm differentiation in fish embryos is independent from the YSL, contrary to normal pattern formation which needs the presence of the YSL before the onset of gastrulation.

Keywords: Cyprinus carpio; Explants; Fish development; Mesoderm differentiation.

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