Breast cancer and associated factors: a review

J Med Life. 2015;8(Spec Iss 4):6-11.


This article investigated different dimensions of breast cancer and its associated factors. It revealed that breast cancer was and continues to be among the most prevalent and growing malignant diseases among Iranian women in the past four decades. In this article, required information was collected through literature review and keyword (cancer, breast cancer, cell, gene, life quality, women, prevalence, productivity, age, obesity, alcohol, cigarette, menopause, genetic, Cytokine, and mortality) query in credible scientific websites such as SID, Google Scholar, and comprehensive portal of human sciences. This disease affects all physical, mental, and social aspects of women life. On the other hand, such factors as social and family supports during the illness can reduce its damages. Although, the [exact] etiology of breast cancer is unknown, its associated risk factors were identified. Such factors as aging, history of breast cancer in the family, specific changes in breast(s), gene changes, history of productivity and menopause, lack of physical activity, alcohol consumption, obesity, nutrition, race, and radiation therapy to chest are risk factors of breast cancer.

Keywords: breast cancer; cancer; gene; prevalence; women.

Publication types

  • Review