Observation of acoustic Dirac-like cone and double zero refractive index

Nat Commun. 2017 Mar 20;8:14871. doi: 10.1038/ncomms14871.


Zero index materials where sound propagates without phase variation, holds a great potential for wavefront and dispersion engineering. Recently explored electromagnetic double zero index metamaterials consist of periodic scatterers whose refractive index is significantly larger than that of the surrounding medium. This requirement is fundamentally challenging for airborne acoustics because the sound speed (inversely proportional to the refractive index) in air is among the slowest. Here, we report the first experimental realization of an impedance matched acoustic double zero refractive index metamaterial induced by a Dirac-like cone at the Brillouin zone centre. This is achieved in a two-dimensional waveguide with periodically varying air channel that modulates the effective phase velocity of a high-order waveguide mode. Using such a zero-index medium, we demonstrated acoustic wave collimation emitted from a point source. For the first time, we experimentally confirm the existence of the Dirac-like cone at the Brillouin zone centre.

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