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, 50 (6), 299-307

Emerging Role of Mitophagy in Human Diseases and Physiology


Emerging Role of Mitophagy in Human Diseases and Physiology

Jee-Hyun Um et al. BMB Rep.


Mitophagy is a process of selective removal of damaged or unnecessary mitochondria using autophagic machinery. Mitophagy plays an essential role in maintaining mitochondrial quality control and homeostasis. Mitochondrial dysfunctions and defective mitophagy in neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and metabolic diseases indicate a close link between human disease and mitophagy. Furthermore, recent studies showing the involvement of mitophagy in differentiation and development, suggest that mitophagy may play a more active role in controlling cellular functions. A better understanding of mitophagy will provide insights about human disease and offer novel chance for treatment. This review mainly focuses on the recent implications for mitophagy in human diseases and normal physiology. [BMB Reports 2017; 50(6): 299-307].

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Fig. 1
Fig. 1
The role of mitophagy in normal physiology and human disease. Mitophagy plays an important role in maintaining mitochondria homeostasis and various aspects of cellular function. These roles are critical to prevent developing human diseases and aging-related dysfunctions.

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