Neurosarcoidosis Presenting With Recurrent Strokes: A Case Report and Literature Review

Neurohospitalist. 2017 Apr;7(2):91-95. doi: 10.1177/1941874416656730. Epub 2016 Jul 7.


Neurosarcoidosis is a rare but important cause of stroke as it is treatable. Cases reported thus far have primarily been in young people who are relatively healthy. Here we report the case of a 73-year-old woman presenting with recurrent strokes and high-grade intracranial stenosis caused by probable neurosarcoidosis. This is unique as neurosarcoidosis is not usually considered as an etiology for recurrent strokes in our patient's age-group. We review and categorize published cases of neurosarcoidosis causing stroke and describe a classification scheme for certainty of diagnosis. Given the implications of this diagnosis for secondary stroke prevention, we recommend that neurosarcoidosis be considered in the differential for patients with few vascular risk factors, recurrent strokes refractory to medical treatment, or possible vasculitis even in the elderly patients.

Keywords: central nervous system; neuroimmunology; neurosarcoidosis; stroke; vasculitis.