The BRENDA enzyme information system-From a database to an expert system

J Biotechnol. 2017 Nov 10:261:194-206. doi: 10.1016/j.jbiotec.2017.04.020. Epub 2017 Apr 21.


Enzymes, representing the largest and by far most complex group of proteins, play an essential role in all processes of life, including metabolism, gene expression, cell division, the immune system, and others. Their function, also connected to most diseases or stress control makes them interesting targets for research and applications in biotechnology, medical treatments, or diagnosis. Their functional parameters and other properties are collected, integrated, and made available to the scientific community in the BRaunschweig ENzyme DAtabase (BRENDA). In the last 30 years BRENDA has developed into one of the most highly used biological databases worldwide. The data contents, the process of data acquisition, data integration and control, the ways to access the data, and visualizations provided by the website are described and discussed.

Keywords: Enzyme database; Enzyme kinetics; Enzyme-catalysed reactions; Enzyme-ligand interaction; Enzymes and diseases; Metabolic pathways.

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