[Effect of protonation of nucleic acid bases on the energy of formation of the Watson-Crick pairs]

Mol Biol (Mosk). 1988 Jul-Aug;22(4):1080-6.
[Article in Russian]


Neutral and protonated nucleic bases and their complexes were calculated using a modified MNDO method. On the basis of the obtained proton affinities we conclude that proton transfer from positively charged amino acid residues to nucleic bases is quite possible. The protonation influence upon the structure and the energy of complementary base pairs was studied. The protonation of guanine is shown to stabilize the GC complex, but the protonation of cytosine destabilizes it. The energy of the AU pair increases upon protonation of adenine due to ion--dipole interactions. The protonation of uracil leads to a proton transfer between the bases and to the stabilization of the AU pair.

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