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, 18 (2), 41-42

Remineralisation and Arresting Caries in Children With Topical Fluorides


Remineralisation and Arresting Caries in Children With Topical Fluorides

Neeraj Gugnani et al. Evid Based Dent.


Data sourcesThe Cochrane Library, PubMed, Embase and the ISI Web of Science.Study selectionEnglish language clinical trials in children with outcome measures including the remineralisation or arresting effect of caries by professional fluoride treatment were considered.Data extraction and synthesisTwo reviewers screened the studies and assessed risk of bias. Random effects meta-analysis was conducted.ResultsSeventeen studies were included, ten focused on remineralisation, seven on arresting carious lesions. Meta-analysis of four studies using 5% fluoride varnish found a 63.6% (95% CI; 36.0% - 91.2%) remineralisation of early enamel caries. For five studies using 38% silver diamine fluoride solution meta-analysis found 65.9% (95% CI; 41.2% - 90.7%) of caries arrested.ConclusionsProfessionally applied 5% sodium fluoride varnish shows the capability to remineralise early enamel caries in children. Silver diamine fluoride solution at 38% is effective in arresting active dentine caries. Because the number of clinical trials that studied the arresting effect of dental caries is limited, more clinical trials should be performed.

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