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, 411, 447-460

Guide to the Correct Use of Filoviral Nomenclature


Guide to the Correct Use of Filoviral Nomenclature

Jens H Kuhn. Curr Top Microbiol Immunol.


The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) currently recognizes three genera and seven species as part of the mononegaviral family Filoviridae. Eight distinct filoviruses (Bundibugyo virus, Ebola virus, Lloviu virus, Marburg virus, Ravn virus, Reston virus, Sudan virus, and Taï Forest virus) have been assigned to these seven species. This chapter briefly summarizes the status quo of filovirus classification and focuses on the importance of differentiating between filoviral species and filoviruses and the correct use of taxonomic and vernacular filovirus names and abbreviations in written and oral discourse.

Keywords: Cuevavirus; Ebola; Ebola virus; Filoviridae; Filovirus; ICTV; ICVCN; International code of virus classification and nomenclature; International committee on taxonomy of viruses; Marburg virus; Marburgvirus; Species; Virus classification; Virus nomenclature; Virus taxonomy.

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