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, 67 (5), 549-560

Involvement of Thermosensitive TRP Channels in Energy Metabolism


Involvement of Thermosensitive TRP Channels in Energy Metabolism

Kunitoshi Uchida et al. J Physiol Sci.


To date, 11 thermosensitive transient receptor potential (thermo-TRP) channels have been identified. Recent studies have characterized the mechanism of thermosensing by thermo-TRPs and the physiological role of thermo-TRPs in energy metabolism. In this review, we highlight the role of various thermo-TRPs in energy metabolism and hormone secretion. In the pancreas, TRPM2 and other TRPs regulate insulin secretion. TRPV2 expressed in brown adipocytes contributes to differentiation and/or thermogenesis. Sensory nerves that express TRPV1 promote increased energy expenditure by activating sympathetic nerves and adrenaline secretion. Here, we first show that capsaicin-induced adrenaline secretion is completely impaired in TRPV1 knockout mice. The thermogenic effects of TRPV1 agonists are attributable to brown adipose tissue (BAT) activation in mice and humans. Moreover, TRPA1- and TRPM8-expressing sensory nerves also contribute to potentiation of BAT thermogenesis and energy expenditure in mice. Together, thermo-TRPs are promising targets for combating obesity and metabolic disorders.

Keywords: Adrenaline; Brown adipose adipocyte; Energy expenditure; Insulin; TRP channel; UCP1.

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