Enterogastrone-like effect of peptide YY is vagally mediated in the dog

J Clin Invest. 1986 Jan;77(1):49-53. doi: 10.1172/JCI112300.


Intraluminal fat inhibits gastric secretion through as yet undetermined mechanisms which involve release of one or more hormonal enterogastrones. As intraluminal fat releases Peptide YY (PYY) in amounts sufficient to inhibit meal-stimulated acid secretion, this ileo-colonic peptide exhibits the characteristics required of an enterogastrone. The present study seeks to determine the mechanism by which PYY inhibits acid secretion by examining the effects of PYY on gastric acid stimulated by pentagastrin, histamine, and bethanechol. In addition, effects of PYY on the acid response to sham feeding and distention of a denervated gastric pouch were examined. A dose of PYY (400 pmol X kg-1 X h-1) was employed that reproduced blood levels observed after intestinal perfusion with oleic acid and inhibited the acid secretory response to an intragastric meal by 35 +/- 6%. This same dose of PYY maximally inhibited histamine- and pentagastrin-stimulated acid secretion by 28 +/- 7% (P less than 0.05), and 17 +/- 4% (P less than 0.05), respectively. Although PYY had no effect on bethanechol-stimulated secretion it markedly inhibited the secretory response to sham feeding, maximally reducing secretion by 90 +/- 4% (P less than 0.01). We speculate that PYY acts by inhibiting acetylcholine release from vagal nerve fibers rather than by inhibiting acetylcholine's action on the parietal cell. The demonstration that PYY virtually abolishes cephalic phase acid secretion while having little if any effect on the response to exogenous secretogogues gives PYY unique characteristics among the known hormonal inhibitors of gastric secretion.

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