A framework for a teaching toolkit in entrepreneurship education

Int J Contin Eng Educ Life Long Learn. 2017;27(3):246-261. doi: 10.1504/IJCEELL.2017.10003455.


Despite mounting interest in entrepreneurship education (EE), innovative approaches such as multimedia, web-based toolkits including entrepreneurial storytelling have been largely ignored in the EE discipline. Therefore, this conceptual contribution introduces eight propositions as a fruitful basis for assessing a 'learning-through-real-multimedia-entrepreneurial-narratives' pedagogical approach. These recommendations prepare the grounds for a future, empirical investigation of this currently under-researched topic, which could be essential for multiple domains including academic, business and society.

Keywords: education; entrepreneurial narratives; entrepreneurial storytelling; entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship education; multimedia teaching material; pedagogical toolkit.