Embryonic development of Eucorydia yasumatsui Asahina, with special reference to external morphology (Insecta: Blattodea, Corydiidae)

J Morphol. 2017 Nov;278(11):1469-1489. doi: 10.1002/jmor.20725. Epub 2017 Jul 14.


As the first step in the comparative embryological study of Blattodea, with the aim of reconstructing the groundplan and phylogeny of Dictyoptera and Polyneoptera, the embryonic development of a corydiid was examined and described in detail using Eucorydia yasumatsui. Ten to fifteen micropyles are localized on the ventral side of the egg, and aggregated symbiont bacterial "mycetomes" are found in the egg. The embryo is formed by the fusion of paired blastodermal regions, with higher cellular density on the ventral side of the egg. This type of embryo formation, regarded as one of the embryological autapomorphies of Polyneoptera, was first demonstrated for "Blattaria" in the present study. The embryo undergoes embryogenesis of the short germ band type, and elongates to its full length on the ventral side of the egg. The embryo undergoes katatrepsis and dorsal closure, and then finally, it acquires its definitive form, keeping its original position on the ventral side of the egg, with its anteroposterior axis never reversed throughout development. The information obtained was compared with that of previous studies on other insects. "Micropyles grouped on the ventral side of the egg" is thought to be a part of the groundplan of Dictyoptera, and "possession of bacteria in the form of mycetomes" to be an apomorphic groundplan of Blattodea. Corydiid embryos were revealed to perform blastokinesis of the "non-reversion type (N)", as reported in blaberoid cockroaches other than Corydiidae ("Ectobiidae," Blaberidae, etc.) and in Mantodea; the embryos of blattoid cockroaches (Blattidae and Cryptocercidae) and Isoptera undergo blastokinesis of the "reversion type (R)," in which the anteroposterior axis of the embryo is reversed during blastokinesis. Dictyopteran blastokinesis types can be summarized as "Mantodea (N) + Blattodea [= Blaberoidea (N) + Blattoidea (R) + Isoptera (R)]".

Keywords: Blastokinesis; Dictyoptera; comparative embryology; micropyle; mycetome.

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