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, 32 (5), 459-465

Adherence to Nutritional Recommendations in Vending Machines at Secondary Schools in Madrid (Spain), 2014-2015


Adherence to Nutritional Recommendations in Vending Machines at Secondary Schools in Madrid (Spain), 2014-2015

Doris Xiomara Monroy-Parada et al. Gac Sanit.


Objective: To describe the nutritional content of products offered in food and drink vending machines at secondary schools in the Madrid Autonomous Community (Spain), and to evaluate these items' adherence to the nutritional recommendations of the National Health System Consensus Document on School Food.

Methods: Cross-sectional study of a sample of 330 secondary schools in Madrid across the period 2014-2015. Secondary school vending machines were identified by telephone interview. The products offered in a representative sample of six machines were identified by inspection in situ, and their nutritional composition was obtained from the labelling.

Results: A total of 94.5% of the 55 products on offer failed to comply with at least one nutritional criterion of the Consensus Document on School Food. The recommendation relating to sugar content registered the highest level of non-compliance, with 52.7% of products, followed by the recommendations relating to energy (47.3%) and fats (45.5%). The mean number of unmet criteria was 2.2, with this figure being higher in foods than in drinks (2.8 versus 1; p <0.01).

Conclusion: Almost all the products on display in secondary school vending machines in Madrid were in breach of the Consensus Document on School Food, mainly due to an excess of calories, sugars and fats. Compulsory nutritional criteria and a procedure for monitoring adherence should be established, specifying those responsible for performing this task and the corrective measures to be applied in the event of non-compliance.

Keywords: Childhood obesity; Enseñanza secundaria; Madrid; Máquinas expendedoras; Obesidad infantil; Secondary education; Vending machines.

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