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, 2, 17120

Stop Neglecting Fungi

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Stop Neglecting Fungi

No authors listed. Nat Microbiol.

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  • Fungal Evolution: Diversity, Taxonomy and Phylogeny of the Fungi
    MA Naranjo-Ortiz et al. Biol Rev Camb Philos Soc 94 (6), 2101-2137. PMID 31659870.
    The fungal kingdom comprises a hyperdiverse clade of heterotrophic eukaryotes characterized by the presence of a chitinous cell wall, the loss of phagotrophic capabilitie …
  • Spore Germination as a Target for Antifungal Therapeutics
    SC Ortiz et al. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 63 (12). PMID 31570398.
    Spores are required for long-term survival of many organisms, including most fungi. For the majority of fatal human fungal pathogens, spore germination is the key process …
  • Treatment of Invasive Fungal Disease: A Case Report
    XF Xiao et al. World J Clin Cases 7 (16), 2374-2383. PMID 31531334. - Case Reports
    No fixed target organ was identified in this case, and only lymph node involvement was found. Caspofungin, a new antifungal drug, and the conventional first choice drug, …
  • Protein-Protein Interactions in Candida albicans
    F Schoeters et al. Front Microbiol 10, 1792. PMID 31440220. - Review
    Despite being one of the most important human fungal pathogens, Candida albicans has not been studied extensively at the level of protein-protein interactions (PPI …
  • Fungal Diseases in Taiwan-National Insurance Data and Estimation
    YS Huang et al. J Fungi (Basel) 5 (3). PMID 31438643.
    The burden of fungal diseases based on the real-world national data is limited. This study aimed to estimate the Taiwan incident cases with selected fungal diseases in 20 …
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