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. 2017 Jul 27;170(3):577-592.e10.
doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.07.005.

Project DRIVE: A Compendium of Cancer Dependencies and Synthetic Lethal Relationships Uncovered by Large-Scale, Deep RNAi Screening

E Robert McDonald 3rd  1 Antoine de Weck  2 Michael R Schlabach  2 Eric Billy  2 Konstantinos J Mavrakis  2 Gregory R Hoffman  2 Dhiren Belur  2 Deborah Castelletti  2 Elizabeth Frias  2 Kalyani Gampa  2 Javad Golji  2 Iris Kao  2 Li Li  2 Philippe Megel  2 Thomas A Perkins  2 Nadire Ramadan  2 David A Ruddy  2 Serena J Silver  2 Sosathya Sovath  2 Mark Stump  2 Odile Weber  2 Roland Widmer  2 Jianjun Yu  2 Kristine Yu  2 Yingzi Yue  2 Dorothee Abramowski  2 Elizabeth Ackley  2 Rosemary Barrett  2 Joel Berger  2 Julie L Bernard  2 Rebecca Billig  2 Saskia M Brachmann  2 Frank Buxton  2 Roger Caothien  2 Justina X Caushi  2 Franklin S Chung  2 Marta Cortés-Cros  2 Rosalie S deBeaumont  2 Clara Delaunay  2 Aurore Desplat  2 William Duong  2 Donald A Dwoske  2 Richard S Eldridge  2 Ali Farsidjani  2 Fei Feng  2 JiaJia Feng  2 Daisy Flemming  2 William Forrester  2 Giorgio G Galli  2 Zhenhai Gao  2 François Gauter  2 Veronica Gibaja  2 Kristy Haas  2 Marc Hattenberger  2 Tami Hood  2 Kristen E Hurov  2 Zainab Jagani  2 Mathias Jenal  2 Jennifer A Johnson  2 Michael D Jones  2 Avnish Kapoor  2 Joshua Korn  2 Jilin Liu  2 Qiumei Liu  2 Shumei Liu  2 Yue Liu  2 Alice T Loo  2 Kaitlin J Macchi  2 Typhaine Martin  2 Gregory McAllister  2 Amandine Meyer  2 Sandra Mollé  2 Raymond A Pagliarini  2 Tanushree Phadke  2 Brian Repko  2 Tanja Schouwey  2 Frances Shanahan  2 Qiong Shen  2 Christelle Stamm  2 Christine Stephan  2 Volker M Stucke  2 Ralph Tiedt  2 Malini Varadarajan  2 Kavitha Venkatesan  2 Alberto C Vitari  2 Marco Wallroth  2 Jan Weiler  2 Jing Zhang  2 Craig Mickanin  2 Vic E Myer  2 Jeffery A Porter  2 Albert Lai  2 Hans Bitter  2 Emma Lees  2 Nicholas Keen  2 Audrey Kauffmann  2 Frank Stegmeier  2 Francesco Hofmann  2 Tobias Schmelzle  3 William R Sellers  2

Project DRIVE: A Compendium of Cancer Dependencies and Synthetic Lethal Relationships Uncovered by Large-Scale, Deep RNAi Screening

E Robert McDonald 3rd et al. Cell. .


Elucidation of the mutational landscape of human cancer has progressed rapidly and been accompanied by the development of therapeutics targeting mutant oncogenes. However, a comprehensive mapping of cancer dependencies has lagged behind and the discovery of therapeutic targets for counteracting tumor suppressor gene loss is needed. To identify vulnerabilities relevant to specific cancer subtypes, we conducted a large-scale RNAi screen in which viability effects of mRNA knockdown were assessed for 7,837 genes using an average of 20 shRNAs per gene in 398 cancer cell lines. We describe findings of this screen, outlining the classes of cancer dependency genes and their relationships to genetic, expression, and lineage features. In addition, we describe robust gene-interaction networks recapitulating both protein complexes and functional cooperation among complexes and pathways. This dataset along with a web portal is provided to the community to assist in the discovery and translation of new therapeutic approaches for cancer.

Keywords: CCLE; DRIVE; RNA interference; cancer dependency; functional genomics; synthetic lethality.

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