Coating Methods for Surface Modification of Ammonium Nitrate: A Mini-Review

Materials (Basel). 2016 Jun 23;9(7):502. doi: 10.3390/ma9070502.


Using ammonium nitrate (AN) as a propellant oxidizer is limited due to its hygroscopicity. This review consolidated the available information of various issues pertaining to the coating methods of the surface modification of ammonium nitrate for reducing its hygroscopicity. Moreover this review summarizes the recent advances and issues involved in ammonium nitrate surface modification by physical, chemical and encapsulation coating methods to reduce the hygroscopicity. Furthermore, coating materials, process conditions, and the hygroscopicity test conditions are extensively discussed along, with summaries of the advantages and disadvantages of each coating method. Our findings indicated that the investigation and development of anti-hygroscopicity of AN, and the mechanisms of surface modification by coating urgently require further research in order to further reduce the hygroscopicity. Therefore, this review is useful to researchers concerned with the improvement of ammonium salts' anti-hygroscopicity.

Keywords: ammonium nitrate; chemical coating; encapsulation coating; hygroscopicity; modification surface; physical coating.

Publication types

  • Review