Synthesis of Fluorescent Core-Shell Metal Nanohybrids: A Versatile Approach

Materials (Basel). 2016 Dec 9;9(12):997. doi: 10.3390/ma9120997.


A flexible way of fabricating core-shell noble metal-organic nanohybrids with tailored chemical and spectroscopic properties is proposed here. The synthetic protocol consists of a multi-step procedure able to guarantee acceptable reproducibility of core size and shape as well as control of the organic outer layer. The proposed method highlights limitations in obtaining highly controllable products, although the heterogeneity degree of the nanostructures is in line with that expected from bottom-up approaches in solution. Selective functionalization of the nanohybrids with properly-substituted fluorescent dyes under variable experimental conditions allowed the preparation of composite systems of tunable spectroscopic properties to be employed as nanoprobes in sensing or photonic applications. To this end, preliminary investigation on embedding the nanohybrids in compatible polymeric matrices is also reported.

Keywords: core-shell architecture; noble metal nanoparticles; polymeric matrix; self-assembly; spectroscopic properties.