Ultrathin Ferroelectric Films: Growth, Characterization, Physics and Applications

Materials (Basel). 2014 Sep 11;7(9):6377-6485. doi: 10.3390/ma7096377.


Ultrathin ferroelectric films are of increasing interests these years, owing to the need of device miniaturization and their wide spectrum of appealing properties. Recent advanced deposition methods and characterization techniques have largely broadened the scope of experimental researches of ultrathin ferroelectric films, pushing intensive property study and promising device applications. This review aims to cover state-of-the-art experimental works of ultrathin ferroelectric films, with a comprehensive survey of growth methods, characterization techniques, important phenomena and properties, as well as device applications. The strongest emphasis is on those aspects intimately related to the unique phenomena and physics of ultrathin ferroelectric films. Prospects and challenges of this field also have been highlighted.

Keywords: applications; characterization techniques; growth methods; phenomena and properties; ultrathin ferroelectric films.

Publication types

  • Review