Effective Interactions between Multilayered Ionic Microgels

Materials (Basel). 2014 Dec 2;7(12):7689-7705. doi: 10.3390/ma7127689.


Using a one-component reduction formalism, we calculate the effective interactions and the counterion density profiles for microgels that feature a multilayered shell structure. We follow a strategy that involves second order perturbation theory and obtain analytical expressions for the effective interactions by modeling the layers of the particles as linear superpostion of homogeneously charged spheres. The general method is applied to the important case of core-shell microgels and compared with the well-known results for a microgel that can be approximated by a macroscopic, and homogeneously charged, spherical macroion.

Keywords: effective interactions; linear response; mutilayered microgels; polyelectrolytes.