The Current Status of Hydrogen Storage Alloy Development for Electrochemical Applications

Materials (Basel). 2013 Oct 17;6(10):4574-4608. doi: 10.3390/ma6104574.


In this review article, the fundamentals of electrochemical reactions involving metal hydrides are explained, followed by a report of recent progress in hydrogen storage alloys for electrochemical applications. The status of various alloy systems, including AB₅, AB₂, A₂B₇-type, Ti-Ni-based, Mg-Ni-based, BCC, and Zr-Ni-based metal hydride alloys, for their most important electrochemical application, the nickel metal hydride battery, is summarized. Other electrochemical applications, such as Ni-hydrogen, fuel cell, Li-ion battery, air-metal hydride, and hybrid battery systems, also have been mentioned.

Keywords: NiMH battery; alkaline fuel cell; electrochemical reaction; hydrogen storage alloy; metal hydride.

Publication types

  • Review