CO₂ Separation and Capture Properties of Porous Carbonaceous Materials from Leather Residues

Materials (Basel). 2013 Oct 18;6(10):4641-4653. doi: 10.3390/ma6104641.


Carbonaceous porous materials derived from leather skin residues have been found to have excellent CO₂ adsorption properties, with interestingly high gas selectivities for CO₂ (α > 200 at a gas composition of 15% CO₂/85% N₂, 273K, 1 bar) and capacities (>2 mmol·g-1 at 273 K). Both CO₂ isotherms and the high heat of adsorption pointed to the presence of strong binding sites for CO₂ which may be correlated with both: N content in the leather residues and ultrasmall pore sizes.

Keywords: CO2 sequestration; carbon materials; leather residues; porous materials.