Influence of Column Axial Load and Heat Affected Zone on the Strength of Aluminium Column Web in Tension

Materials (Basel). 2014 May 6;7(5):3557-3567. doi: 10.3390/ma7053557.


The component method for aluminium joints has been recently introduced in some codes and guidelines. Nevertheless, it is still in need of some development and improvement, as in some cases it was obtained by adapting the existing formulations that are valid for steel. The current paper presents the main outcomes of a parametric analysis carried out by means of finite element (FE) numerical models for determining the influence of both column axial load and heat affected zone-in the case of welded details-on the structural response of the column web in a tension component. The proposed study integrates previous research carried out by the authors, where the influence of the assumed alloy was investigated and interpreted by corrective parameters expressed as a function of both the material strain hardening and ductility.

Keywords: aluminium; axial load; column web in tension; connections; heat affected zone; joints.