Fast Blue RR-Siloxane Derivatized Materials Indicate Wound Infection Due to a Deep Blue Color Development

Materials (Basel). 2015 Sep 25;8(10):6633-6639. doi: 10.3390/ma8105329.


There is a strong need for simple and fast methods for wound infection determination. Myeloperoxidase, an immune system-derived enzyme was found to be a suitable biomarker for wound infection. Hence, alkoxysilane-derivatized Fast Blue RR was immobilized via simple hydrolytic polymerization. The resulting enzyme-responsive siloxane layers were incubated with myeloperoxidase, wound fluid or hemoglobin. The reaction was monitored via HPLC measurements and the color development quantified spectrophotometrically. Myeloperoxidase was indeed able to oxidize immobilized Fast Blue RR leading to a blue colored product. No conversion was detected in non-infected wound fluids. The visible color changes of these novel materials towards blue enable an easy distinction between infected and non-infected wound fluids.

Keywords: Fast Blue RR; alkoxysilane derivatized Fast Blue RR; immobilization; infection detection; myeloperoxidase.