Evaluation of the Adsorption Performance and Sustainability of Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelets (xGnP) for VOCs

Materials (Basel). 2015 Nov 11;8(11):7615-7621. doi: 10.3390/ma8115412.


Exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets (xGnP), which combine the layered structure and low price of nanoclays with the superior mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties of carbon nanotubes, are very cost-effective, and can simultaneously provide a multitude of physical and chemical property enhancements. In this study, we evaluated xGnP's adsorption performance of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) according to thermal extractor (TE) analysis for seven days in order to use the xGnP as an adsorption material of pollutants. In addition, we carried out a sustainability evaluation in order to evaluate its adsorption capacity over 28 days. The results indicate that the adsorption performance of xGnP is higher than for other adsorption materials such as zeolite. Also, we determined that the adsorption performance of xGnP is maintained continuously for 28 days and that its adsorption capacity is large.

Keywords: adsorption performance; exfoliated graphite nanoplatelets (xGnP); indoor air quality; thermal extractor analysis; volatile organic compounds (VOCs).