Translational Research Training at Various Levels of Professional Experience to Address Health Disparities

J Best Pract Health Prof Divers. 2016 Spring;9(1):1178-1187.


Translational research addressing health disparities brings interventions and medical discoveries into clinical practice to improve health outcomes. However, academic researchers' and clinicians' lack of understanding of methodologies limits the application of basic science to clinical settings. To solve the problem, a multidisciplinary collaboration from two academic institutions offered a workshop building on translational research methodologies to clarify the measures and interventions needed to address health disparities from a research perspective. Three two-day workshops targeted underrepresented minority participants whose research experience and professional development varied. The evaluation surveys administered after the three workshops indicated that workshop 1 which focused on translational and educational research increased participants' knowledge, and made all participants think critically about the subject. Training opportunities focused on translational research can enhance researchers and clinicians' confidence and capabilities to address health disparities.

Keywords: Health Disparities Research; Interprofessional Training; Mentoring Underrepresented Minority Junior Faculty; Postbaccalaureate Education; Postdoctoral Scholars; Translational Research.