Evaluation of Cyavanaprāśa on Health and Immunity related Parameters in Healthy Children: A Two Arm, Randomized, Open Labeled, Prospective, Multicenter, Clinical Study

Anc Sci Life. 2017 Jan-Mar;36(3):141-150. doi: 10.4103/asl.ASL_8_17.


Context: Cyavanaprāśa (CP) is an Ayurvedic immune booster formulation that confers vigor and vitality while delaying the ageing process. Benefits of CP have been studied widely in adult population.

Objectives: Current study assessed beneficial effects of CP on health and immunity related parameters in healthy children.

Methods: This study was a 6 month long two armed, randomized, open labeled, prospective clinical study. School going healthy children between ages of 5-12 years were randomized to receive orally daily either CP (approx. 6 g) followed by a cup of milk (100 - 200 ml) or cup of milk only twice a day while continuing with their normal/routine diet. Results were analyzed based on number of episodes, severity, duration of illness (infections and allergies) and number of absent days due to illness during the study duration and changes in levels of energy, physical fitness, strength, stamina and quality of life in children which were recorded in subject diary by their parents/Legally Acceptable Representative (LAR).

Results: 702 participants were randomized, out of which 627 completed the study (CP n = 313; Control n = 314). Results of immunity (episodes of infections or allergy related conditions) showed more than 2 times protection from immunity related illness in CP Group as compared to the control. CP also showed better percentage improvement in energy levels, physical fitness, strength, stamina and quality of life assessed through KIDSCREEN QOL-27 questionnaires in children.

Conclusion: Regular consumption of CP for a period of six months could significantly improve immunity, energy levels, physical fitness, strength, stamina and quality of life in school going healthy children.

Study registration: Clinical Trail Registry of India vide CTRI/2015/02/005574, Dated 24 February 2015.

Keywords: Allergy; KIDSCREEN-27 questionnaire; children; chyawanprash; immunity; infection; stamina; strength.