The efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen in hemorrhagic stroke: experimental and clinical implications

Arch Med Sci. 2017 Aug;13(5):1217-1223. doi: 10.5114/aoms.2017.65081. Epub 2017 Jan 13.


Hemorrhagic stroke, accounting for 10-30% of stroke cases, carries high rates of morbidity and mortality. This review presents the current knowledge on the efficacy of hyperbaric oxygen (HBO)-based modalities in the preclinical research on hemorrhagic stroke. Both preconditioning and post-treatment with HBO are considered as prospective therapeutic options. High efficacy of HBO therapy (HBOT) for brain hemorrhage has been noted. We found that moderate hyperbaric pressures appear optimal for therapeutic effect, while the therapeutic window of opportunity is short. HBO preconditioning offers more modest neuroprotective benefit as compared to HBO post-treatment for experimental intracerebral hemorrhage. We advocate for mandatory calculations of percent changes in the experimentally investigated indexes of HBO effectiveness and stress the need to design new clinical trials on HBO for hemorrhagic stroke.

Keywords: brain edema; intracerebral hemorrhage; preclinical research; subarachnoid hemorrhage.