Dual Roles of Two Isoforms of Autophagy-related Gene ATG10 in HCV-Subgenomic replicon Mediated Autophagy Flux and Innate Immunity

Sci Rep. 2017 Sep 12;7(1):11250. doi: 10.1038/s41598-017-11105-3.


Autophagy and immune response are two defense systems that human-body uses against viral infection. Previous studies documented that some viral mechanisms circumvented host immunity mechanisms and hijacked autophagy for its replication and survival. Here, we focus on interactions between autophagy mechanism and innate-immune-response in HCV-subgenomic replicon cells to find a mechanism linking the two pathways. We report distinct effects of two autophagy-related protein ATG10s on HCV-subgenomic replication. ATG10, a canonical long isoform in autophagy process, can facilitate HCV-subgenomic replicon amplification by promoting autophagosome formation and by combining with and detaining autophagosomes in cellular periphery, causing impaired autophagy flux. ATG10S, a non-canonical short isoform of ATG10 proteins, can activate expression of IL28A/B and immunity genes related to viral ds-RNA including ddx-58, tlr-3, tlr-7, irf-3 and irf-7, and promote autophagolysosome formation by directly combining and driving autophagosomes to perinuclear region where lysosomes gather, leading to lysosomal degradation of HCV-subgenomic replicon in HepG2 cells. ATG10S also can suppress infectious HCV virion replication in Huh7.5 cells. Another finding is that IL28A protein directly conjugates ATG10S and helps autophagosome docking to lysosomes. ATG10S might be a new host factor against HCV replication, and as a target for screening chemicals with new anti-virus mechanisms.

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