Whispering-Gallery Mode Resonators for Detecting Cancer

Sensors (Basel). 2017 Sep 13;17(9):2095. doi: 10.3390/s17092095.


Optical resonators are sensors well known for their high sensitivity and fast response time. These sensors have a wide range of applications, including in the biomedical fields, and cancer detection is one such promising application. Sensor diagnosis currently has many limitations, such as being expensive, highly invasive, and time-consuming. New developments are welcomed to overcome these limitations. Optical resonators have high sensitivity, which enable medical testing to detect disease in the early stage. Herein, we describe the principle of whispering-gallery mode and ring optical resonators. We also add to the knowledge of cancer biomarker diagnosis, where we discuss the application of optical resonators for specific biomarkers. Lastly, we discuss advancements in optical resonators for detecting cancer in terms of their ability to detect small amounts of cancer biomarkers.

Keywords: biosensor; cancer; evanescent wave; instrumentation; label-free; optical resonator; optical waveguide; sensor platform; whispering-gallery mode.

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  • Review

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  • Biosensing Techniques
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