[Aging prevention, new surgical techniques and future options for facial rejuvenation]

Ann Chir Plast Esthet. 2017 Oct;62(5):592-597. doi: 10.1016/j.anplas.2017.07.014. Epub 2017 Sep 15.
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Prevention of aging is mainly obtained through appropriate health practices, modulated by the genetic causes of aging. Causes of facial structural aging include gravity, volume loss, contraction of the mimic muscles and obviously biological aging of tissues. Among the very numerous new surgical technique of facial rejuvenation, we could point out: for the frontal region, obviously we are focus on the endoscopic and non-endoscopic frontal lifts. But also, we should note the transcutaneous Brow Shaping which with a well defined, step by step technique is indeed a simple way to improve a possible difficult situation; concerning the mid-face lift, as the main risk is the secondary eyelid malposition, a high Smas or a temporo-malar lift can be performed. It ensures a good temporal effect but there is nearly no improvement at the mid-pupilla level. A mid-face lift is nevertheless mandatory to achieve an efficient skin removal on the mid-pupilla line. This is performed most of the time with a complete orbicularis oculi muscle opening, and only with a small lateral opening in case of the concentric malar lift, which minimize the risk of eyelid malposition. Based on a new description of the lymphatic draining of the lower lid, a new treatment of the chemosis is proposed with a corticoid injection at infero-lateral part of the malar area, in the preperiosteal plane. For the oval, the DAO section and the suspension of the middle premasseter space beyond the anterior border of the masseter where the Smas overlies the buccal fat pad, stay efficients. Regarding the neck, the suspension of the posterior border of the platysma to the Loré's fascia, the digastric corset with or without a platysma corset are advanced and valuable techniques. Lately, a new option was described using a lateral skin-platysma flap to minimize platysma bands and even more recently a neck lift with fixation of the anterior platysma to the deep cervical fascia and suspension of the lateral platysma flap.

Keywords: Angle cervico-mandibulaire; Bandes platysmales; Cervico-mandibular angle; Chemosis; Deep cervical fascia; Dissection sous-platysmal; Fascia cervical profond; Glande sous-maxillaire; Hyoid bone; Hyoplatysmal ligament; Lateral platysmal flap; Lift du cou; Lift frontal; Lifting centro-facial; Lifting malaire concentrique; Lifting temporo-malaire; Ligament hyoplatysmal; Neck lift; Platysma; Platysma bands; Slipping prehyoid plane; Sub-platysma fat; Submandibular gland.

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