Imperial College near infrared spectroscopy neuroimaging analysis framework

Neurophotonics. 2018 Jan;5(1):011011. doi: 10.1117/1.NPh.5.1.011011. Epub 2017 Sep 19.


This paper describes the Imperial College near infrared spectroscopy neuroimaging analysis (ICNNA) software tool for functional near infrared spectroscopy neuroimaging data. ICNNA is a MATLAB-based object-oriented framework encompassing an application programming interface and a graphical user interface. ICNNA incorporates reconstruction based on the modified Beer-Lambert law and basic processing and data validation capabilities. Emphasis is placed on the full experiment rather than individual neuroimages as the central element of analysis. The software offers three types of analyses including classical statistical methods based on comparison of changes in relative concentrations of hemoglobin between the task and baseline periods, graph theory-based metrics of connectivity and, distinctively, an analysis approach based on manifold embedding. This paper presents the different capabilities of ICNNA in its current version.

Keywords: functional near infrared spectroscopy; near infrared spectroscopy; neuroimaging; software.